A woman’s body, shaken by future events: Cassandra

With Cassandra as a special guest, four artists from Athens, Belgrade, Budapest and Munich set up a research laboratory to get to know each other and develop a common aesthetic. In an encounter of multilingualism, documentary research and choreographical as well as performative working methods, the phenomenon of being a woman will be questioned via and with Cassandra. Jessica Glause, Kleopatra Markou, Aleksandra Pavlovic and Beatrix Simkó invite women of all generations and from four different urban European societies to exchange ideas on self-determination, sex and premonitions that nobody wants to believe in. 
From and with: Jessica Glause, Kleopatra Markou, Aleksandra Pavlovic, Beatrix Simkó
The performance took place in Munich within the frame of RODEO Theatre Festival. 
Realised in cooperation with HochX Theatre, supported by district Oberbayern, Goethe-Institut e.V.,  Movein Studio Budapest and
October 2016
pr photos: Daniel Dömölky
performance photos: Konrad Fersterer

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