Multi-channel video installation and project documentation
Body Paste was my diploma project which focuses on the issue of individuality and uniqueness. By using personal and physical characteristics of other people, I wished to create my visual alter-ego. Body Paste consists of a multi-channel video installation: a life-size projection of my body and a six time enlarged projection of my portrait supplemented with body parts borrowed by others.
The completed project was preceded by a few months of preparation and research. All in all 26 participants borrowed 63 body parts to complete the work. 
The installation is also accompanied by it's own soundtrack, which is an audio mix that contains breathing sounds recorded with the participants, thus creating the merged "breathing sound" of the forged person on the screen.
The project is completed by a behind-the-scenes film documenting the entire process.
During the videos, my body is gradually covered, than uncovered by the different body parts taken from the participants, giving the audience an opportunity to witness the original, and the assembled versions as well.

The installation was exhibited at Ponton Gallery, Jurányi Incubator House, A38 Ship Gallery, Trafó smART Xtra programme and Metro Line 2 in Budapest within 'future, present' event. 

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